Friday, May 23, 2008

Guess what I heard ...?

I hEart euroVishon, the lovEly bouncY soNgs
& the loVely boUncy gurls. WHy did StinkHole
get reJected??? MerVin x
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|_| |_| 23.05.08 ISSUE 398b
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* Mini issue - Eurovision update
* Tina Hobley - Working Class hero
* Charts: Punters are going for Ukraine

>> Hello Hobley <<
John Lennon: soundtrack of the Portland

Holby City actress Tina Hobley has just
had a beautiful baby girl, Isabella. She
talked to Hello! about it:

"We had John Lennon's Working Class Hero
playing in the background and everyone
was relaxed."

And where did this birth take place? The
Portland Hospital, where it costs around
10 grand for a private birth and is the
favoured spot for the too-posh-to-push
brigade. It's the maternity hospital of
choice for the Beckhams, Claudia Schiffer
and Prince Andrew and Fergie etc.

Just what John Lennon had it mind.

Agyness Deyn dyes her mimsy the same shade
of platinum as her hair.

>> Little gossip <<
Ewok actor gives security the slip

Warwick Davies was spotted on the set
of the new George Lucas project complaining
that over-eager security are insisting on
checking ID on everyone going in and out
of the set even if the actors are just
heading out for a fag.

As the little actor who played the King
of the Ewoks said: "You'd think they'd
remember me". So he just goes out the
back instead, where there is no security.

Popbitch's favourite lifeguard - from Cascades
pool in Tewkesbury... Mr Frank Trunks.

>> Eurovision update <<
Get that Euro party started

We hope you enjoyed the special issue earlier
this week. Traffic was so high that some people
couldn't get on the magazine site - sorry!
If you try again, it should work. We
thought we'd send this mini-issue to update
you on Eurovision news and other stuff today:

* Ukraine is the hottest tip - backed from
11-1 to 4-1.

* Our spy backstage at Eurovision says Bosnia,
Croatia, Finland and Armenia are winning many
fans. All are odd enough to stand out.

* Russian diva Dima Bilan is raising eyebrows
with his hard partying. He's not to be,
ahem, sniffed at, as the current favourite.

* Popbitch Eurovision Special:

* To put any money on your Eurovision hunch -
best odds are at Betfair. (And if you put
25 quid down, they'll give you another 25
quid for you or a friend to bet again)

The biggest tune in the Manchester United fan
-zone disco before the Champions League
Final: a house re-working of Quo's In The Army

>> Things that make you go hmm <<
Danish Pop, Eurovision, George Lamb

Danish pop kids Alphabeat are playing a special
set at Work! at Heaven on Wednesday 4th June

Eurovision winners party coming to London!
Join in the fun at The Scala on 31st May:

Llama Labour's Lost - no wonder Labour
got tanked in the Crewe by-election.
They started attacking the Tory candidate
for living near llamas. If you don't
know that llamas = good, you really
shouldn't be in government.

Work inside Madge's Vadge:

Risible “DJ” George Lamb “is a lefty at heart”,
likes Gavin and Stacy because his Dad is in it
and thinks the BBC Weather site is “spot on”:

>> End Bit <<
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Old Jokes Home:
A man walks up to his house and notices his Grandfather
sitting on the porch with nothing on from the waist down.

“Grandpa, what are you doing?” he exclaims. The old man
looks at him and says, “Well, last week I sat out here
with no shirt on, and I got a stiff neck. This is your
Grandma’s idea.”

Still Bored:
Lily Allen favours the Brazilian:

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